December 29, 2012

Boston is 6

6 years old!  So crazy.  Boston is an awesome kid.  He is sweet, kind, and always helpful.  He is by far the best helper I have and will clean anything he is asked.  He gets lots of privileges because of it.  Avery will do anything to get out of cleaning up and so Boston always ends up doing it by himself.  So he gets to stay up later and gets to do more fun things.  Boston and Avery are still buddies but get on each others nerves too.  Not quite the love fest it used to be.  It makes me sad but alas is just a part of growing up. They love to one up each other about school.  Who learned more, who had more fun, who is smarter.  Drives me bonkers!
Boston is doing great in school.  He has a ton of friends, and is a great student.  He recently got an award from his teacher for being a great listener. When I asked him why he didn't always listen at home, he said that he uses all his listening skills at school and has none left when he gets home.  Silly kid!  Boston is a great big brother and always looks out for his siblings.  He and Brighton love to smack each other and play fight until one of them starts crying.  It is great.  Boston is still my best snuggler and will always give me loves.  I will be heart broken when that stops.
Here are a few of Boston's favorites:
Color: Blue
Food: Chicken nuggets
Candy/Treat: chocolate
Book: Dinosaur parts
Animal: Lion
 Movie: Jurassic Park
 Sport: Soccer
 Holiday: Christmas
 Special Talents: making set ups of his dinosaurs, cleaning, and being a great big brother.

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Tisha and Mark said...

Such a handsome boy...and glad that you got caught up on Halloween before 2014 hee hee ;)