July 25, 2014

Brighton is 16!

This post is a long time coming and it truly took me 6 months to write it. I am not sure why but B turning 16 really through me for a loop.  I looked at this blog weekly but couldn't bring myself to write her birthday post. So I guess I have decided that yes it has truly happened and she is 16 as of last January.  Brighton is fantastic, beautiful, smart, and wickedly funny.  B is still swimming and is at her first job right now as a lifeguard.  At the end of the High school swim season B was nominated by her peers as a captain of the team next year.  She really wanted it and in fact voted for herself.  Ha ha ha.  I laughed when she told me that one.  She also scored the highest point of any of the girls on her team.  As a sophomore that is a pretty big deal.  When the season was over B was exhausted and decided to quit her comp team.  I was a little relieved no more driving to and from practices, but worried for her times.  Oh well, this was her choice and I am supporting her.  It has been difficult letting go of the control I have had as the Mom and learning how to co-pilot with her from now until graduation.  Realizing my sweet girl only has 2 more years until she is graduated is really killing me.  I cant imagine her not living here.  I cant imagine not talking to her about everything and hearing all of the silly teen drama stories about who likes who and did she really just say that conversations.  Oh my.  Brighton is an awesome sister.  She stills helps out a lot at home and the kids love and torture her at the same time.  Lincoln is convinced that they are getting married and will be heart broken when he learns that he cant marry her.  Boston loves to torture B and see what he can get away with with her.  They fight like cats and dogs.  Pretty typical.  Avery loves her Girls nights with B and I.  We like to get snow cones and shop and get treats.  Brighton does a great job making her feel special and included.  Brighton just went on Trek, which is a 4 day event where the youth in our ward dress up like pioneers and pull hand carts for miles and miles.  She wasn't happy to go but when she returned she loved it.  I am so grateful for the many adults in our Stake that sacrificed their time to do this for the youth.  Brighton is also the Laurels President in our ward.  We are still getting used to the new area and the youth groups are small, but her leaders are fabulous.  We love B so much!  She is the shining star to our home and next January I am sure it will be easier to say she is 17. Right?!
Brighton's favorites right now are....
Color: Pink
Food: Sushi and Steak
Candy/Treat: Waffle's from the Waffle Love truck
Book: ?????
Movie: Les Mis.  I am pretty sure she watches it once a week
Holiday: Her Birthday
Special Talents: Making us laugh, teasing me, being kind, and cleaning!!

December 16, 2013

Boston is 7!

Holy crap my kid is 7.  I am in shock.  As always.
I just took him his favorite lunch to school, a McD's Happy meal complete with Coke and fry sauce.
I am sure the healthy lunch police at school are plotting revenge, but who gives a crap!  It has been quite an adjustment having Boston in 1st grade.  Having him gone all day has been tough on the both of us.  He loves school and is doing really well.  But it takes a toll on him and he can be a little snippy ie tired when he gets home.  Bos is in the Spanish immersion program and is doing great.  I had to fight a little to get him in since he didn't take it in kindergarten.  But you would never know  he missed a year of Spanish. His Spanish teacher was shocked when I told her that was his first year.  He is one smart cookie.  He is in the highest reading level at school, and rocks all of his spelling tests. I am really proud of him. The only issue we have at school is he finishes his work quickly and then bugs his friends while they are still working.  We are working on that one.  Boston has finally chilled out on the girlfriends.  He tells me that the girls are still cute but girlfriends are not his thing anymore.  Skylanders are his most recent obsession.  He could collect the figures and play it all day long if his mean mom would just let him.  That is what he got for his Birthday Skylanders and a shiny new bike.  He is really excited to get a new bike.  His last one was a garage sale find and not really his style so picking out his own bike was a biggie for this kid.  I love Boston so much. He is still my best helper and cleaner.  He loves to play with his buddies and has a ton of really fun friends.  Boston loves church and is always eager to tell me what he learned in Primary.  He is very excited to be so close to getting baptized. 
Boston's favorites right now are....
Color: Blue
Food: Chicken nuggets.  Boston is still a pretty picky eater.  He never eats very much but I know he will always eat nuggets.
Candy/Treat: Kit Kats and Sour patch kids
Book: Dinosaur fact books.  He is a great reader and loves being able to read everything.
Animal: Dinosaurs forever!
Movie: He is really into Doctor Who with his Dad right now. 
Holiday: His Birthday, and Christmas
Special Talents: Playing Skylanders, helping Mom, cleaning, and playing Soccer

I love ya buddy!!!

October 23, 2013

Lincoln turned 3! (a month ago)

I am slacking! As usual.
My dreams of having a lovely up to date blog are just not going to be realized anytime soon.  Oh well.
Linc is 3!  My baby is 3.  We moved him from a toddler bed that he never slept in, to a regular twin bed.  Big news at our house.  We also figured out how to get him to sleep in it instead of with Mom and Dad every night. Yes he has been sleeping with us for 3 years.  Every night around 2-3 am he comes and gets in bed with us.  I have tried everything to get him to stop.  Well I thought I had tried it all until I found the one thing that worked. Taking away his most favorite thing in the entire world. The IPad.  Now every time he comes in our room in the middle of the night I just remind him that he will not be allowed to play on the IPad and the kid goes right back to bed.  Halleluiah! I may actually get to sleep all night!
Linc is a fun kid right now. He is silly, imaginative, and always making up stories about his adventures with his best buddy Cooper.  It is a lot of fun to here his stories.  He is still in Speech therapy and it is going really well. When he first started he was at 5% intelligibility and in 6 months he improved to 30%.  He is now in a preschool class and so far it has been good. I am learning right along with him how to help him and we have homework that we do everyday.  Makes for a busy mom having all 4 kids with homework but such is life right. 
Lincolns favorites right now are....
Color: Blue and Pink (he spends most of his time with Avery and boy does it show)
Food: Pizza. Linc is the king of pizza we are always amazed at how much he can consume at one sitting.  Recently in Yellowstone he ate an entire small pizza all by himself.  G& G Johnson still talk about his bottomless pit of a stomach.
Candy/Treat: Pizza. Linc doesn't like any candy, and he is not really into sweets. 
Book: Disney Planes
Animal: I am not sure but he is obsessed with asking me what every animal eats.  The other night he came into our room at 4 am and the first thing out of his mouth was "Mom, what do Zebras eat?"  I answered him and he went right back to bed. 
Movie: Sophia the First.  It is not a movie but he wants to watch that show everyday all day long
Sport: Soccer he can't wait to play like his "best friend" AKA Boston
 Holiday: His Birthday
 Special Talents: Dancing and singing. Linc is great at singing songs he regularly hears.  He is quite impressive in the car. He is also a great shopping buddy for me.  Every time we are getting ready to go somewhere he asks if Target is on our list of destinations.  If the answer is no he is sorely disappointed.
We love our Lincoln and are so blessed to have him as the caboose to this crazy train! 

June 19, 2013

Avery is 5!!

Avery Rae is 5! I cant believe she is only 5, seriously this girl acts, talks and dances like a teenager.
Avery had an awesome year in Preschool, and is very excited to be going to the "real" school with Boston.  Kindergarten. I cant even believe I will have 3 kids in school next year. We have gotten settled in our new place and Avery has already met every girl on the street we live on.  There are quite a few and she is thrilled.  Our last neighborhood was all boys, so it is fitting that this one is full of girls.  Avery is in heaven.  She is as girlie as they come and still loves her dresses.  I have been taking Brighton and Avery out on a few GNO's and Avery loves it.  She loves to talk about hair, nails, and all things girlie when we go.  She also loves to copy everything Brighton is doing or whatever food she is getting.  It is fun to see her look up to her sister.  Big news, Avery got her second haircut for her birthday.  She cut 5 inches off and her hair that was to her bum is now in the middle of her back. We love having our princess and it is fitting that all she wanted for her birthday was to go to the Princess Festival.  We leave in the morning and she is sleeping in curlers right now with her princess dress hanging in the doorway.  We cant wait!
Here are a few of Avery's favorites right now....
Color: PINK
Food: Chicken and Rice
Candy/Treat: Ice Cream, and snow cones
Book: Disney Princesses
Animal: Horse
Movie: Jem
Sport: Soccer
 Holiday: her Birthday
 Special Talents: Dancing and singing. Avery is great at making up songs to go with whatever she is doing.
We love our Avery and are so blessed to have her in our family!

May 22, 2013

Avery is a Preschool graduate!!

Today was Avery's preschool graduation, and it was awesome!  Avery was so excited to go to preschool this year.  She has loved every minute of it and is sad to see it end.  Graduation was super cute.  They sang lots of cute songs and each child had a spotlight read about them.  Avery said that her favorite color is PINK, shape is RECTANGLE, number is 9, letter is A, and her favorite activity at school is COLORING.  Avery sang every song with her usual sassy hip shaking way.  Miss Sally and Miss Jessica are the best teachers and have a special way with the kids.  Avery has felt loved and encouraged all year.  Avery has lots of fun friends and her teachers both said that she has been a good friend to everyone in the class.  Her little group of besties at school include Avery D, Kate, and Shaylee.  Tomorrow is her class party and they are going to Wheeler Farm.  Avery is very excited to go on a field trip.  We are so grateful for The Little Blue Schoolhouse Preschool and Miss Sally and Miss Jessica for loving and teaching Boston, and now Avery.  2 more years and Lincoln will join the club!

May 13, 2013

Home is where your heart is

Today I am feeling incredibly blessed and need to share the why.  The past few months have been so incredible.  I feel like life is finally going smoothly. In January I had been praying for months for a way out of our town home.  It is too small. We have been crammed into 1300 sq ft for 6 years.  3 kids in one bedroom has been a trial in itself.  But I also know that it has been a blessing.  The last few years have been crazy.  We brought 3 babies home here, we have the best neighbors, great friends, Brighton has blossomed here.  Dean lost his job for over a year and we never missed a house payment.  It has been affordable through this trying economy. I can stay home to raise my kids because it is so affordable. The best part of living here has been the LDS ward we belong to.  I have incredible friends.  Women who have believed in me, had faith in me and taught me so much.  They have strengthened my testimony and helped me grow.  People who have loved and taught my children. I know the Lord led us here and am grateful that we live here.  
Back to January.  After much prayer my sister Becky kept coming to my mind. I called her and talked to her about her current living situation and what her plans were, before I even told Dean what I was feeling.  After we talked and both thought that her moving in here when her lease was over would help us both, I told Dean.  He was worried.  The idea of renting out our home and renting another was always not something Dean was excited about.  I went on to tell him that I really felt guided and that this was an answer to our prayers.  Dean came around and it was finalized that Becky and her bestie Crystal would move in on May 31st.  
Then the task of finding a home we could afford and would suit our needs was the next step.  We started praying as a family and individually right away.  I also started looking at rental homes and was getting really worried.  All of the homes I could find were expensive and the ones that were in our budget were all out of the Salt Lake Valley. I was discouraged and scared.  I kept praying and reminding myself that I needed to have faith. In April we asked family to fast for us and fasted ourselves for us to find a home.  After we did I felt OK but felt I needed to go to the Temple.  Dean and I were swamped busy at night with Brighton's swimming practice and Boston in soccer.  Saturdays were out as well with Swimming and soccer.  I was worried. I knew I needed to go but could not figure out how too.  As always the Lord makes a way.  I had plans with my sister to go to lunch but thought I should ask her if she could watch my kids instead.  She graciously said yes and with in minutes I was ready and out the door.  
I had never been to the temple by myself.  Sounds silly but I hadn't.  Dean and I always go together and try to go at least once a month.  It was an amazing session and an incredible experience.  I left with a full heart and a calmness that I hadn't felt in months.  Since that experience I knew it would work out.  My frantic nightly home searching stopped.  My anxiety that was ruining my days also stopped.  I was calm and felt assured the right home would come.
The first week in May was the first time in weeks I jumped online to look for a home.  I opened up an email from a rental site and there it was.  A great house, 6 bedrooms, in West Jordan, and at a monthly price we could afford.  Did I instantly know this was our house? No. I just knew it was worth calling about.  So I called and spoke to a lovely woman who said I was the first to call and that we could look at it 4 days later.  Oh crap I thought, 4 days later I would be at BYU Womens Conference.  I called Dean and told him he would have to go by himself while I was gone.  Normally this would have freaked me out.  Not seeing a home?  Knowing rentals were going so fast.  Nothing good was lasting more than 2-3 days.  Putting our fate in my very capable husbands hands, this was of course fine but for me should have been nerve racking.  I was still calm and knew if it was right it would work out.  I headed to BYU for some fun and spiritual enlightenment.  
Dean and Brighton went and looked at the house.  "It would work" is the response I got when they called me.  It would work???  It wasn't excitement, nor dismay just regular everyday ok.  Hmmmm.  I then asked Dean how he felt about it.  He replied that he felt ok.  Not bad, not overly excited just ok.  I have come to learn these past few years that this is how that Lord works.  You are not usually "struck by lightening" , the seas don't part.  Heavenly Fathers hands in my life have been quite and steady.  OK.  I told Dean I felt ok as well.  Get and application and we will see how it goes.
Dean turned in the application that night and asked if he could bring her the application fee on Saturday.  I would be home by then and we could go look at it together.  She agreed.  Saturday came and just as Dean said I looked at the home and it was great.  It was enough room, a great yard and would work.  I too felt really good about it.  We told our future landlord that we thought it would be a great home for our family.  As we were walking out the door she told us that she worked close by and if we needed anything as tenants she could be there quickly.  "Oh where do you work", I asked.  Hillcrest High school was her reply.  My heart leapt out of my chest.  The second counselor in our Bishopric, who I worked very closely with in my calling in the Young Women Presidency also worked at Hillcrest High school. Did she know him?  Oh yes she did and just as my heart was pounding I could see her face light up.  I candidly told her forget our other references and talk to him. I explained how I knew him and she then revealed that she too was LDS and just about to send a daughter on a mission.  We were both of the same faith and praying for help from the Lord.
Was this just a coincidence?  I don't believe in coincidence.  This was the Lords hands working in my life and I believe working in hers.  The last tenants they had had not been good.  They had numerous issues and just as I was praying for a home, she was praying for a good family to occupy hers.  
Sunday.  Application is in, we want it.  But I know that they had a lot of people interested.  Head to church hopeful.  Then it happens.  We are asked to speak in Sacrament on Mother's day.  My first thought....I cant say no.  I needed the Lords help and knew I had to do my part.  We said yes.  My second thought?  How am I going to speak on Mothers day, while preparing to move, and not bawl my eyes out because we are leaving this wonderful ward.  I just as quickly knew that Heavenly father would help me and I could do it.. 
Monday.  WE GOT IT!!!!!!  No stress, no worry.  We got it. The rest is just as amazing.  We could move in in 3 weeks.  Exactly when we needed to move.  They were replacing all of the carpet, fridge, and dishwasher.  Went from just an OK home to a GREAT home.  Dean got a promotion.  Seriously!!!  More money to help pay for a bigger home.  They talked to the man in our Bishopric and were assured from him and our Heavenly Father that we were the right family to live in and take care of their home.  
Brighton, as any teenager would be was very worried about where we would move.  Every time she brought it up I gave her the same answer.  We are praying about it B.  We are praying that the lord will lead us the right home, in the right place.  Her response was “Well I am praying that we stay close to my friends and that I can still go to West Jordan High school”  Ok then, I jokingly told her we are having a pray off.  You pray for that and I will pray for the right place, wherever that may be.  Well here we are and All of our prayers were answered.  We found a great home in a nice neighborhood that just happens to be by most of Brighton’s friends and she will be going to West Jordan high next year.  What a great opportunity we as parents were given to teach our daughter to have faith and pray.  The Lord answers prayers. 
   The GOSPEL is true.  I am feeling so blessed, so taken care of.  I am so grateful to be a part of this church.  To know and see my Heavenly Father work in my life to take care of my family.  I know this post is long.  But I want my children to know that our Heavenly Father is taking care of then.  I want them to someday read this and see how he was in every detail of our finding this house.  I want them to know faithful prayers are answered.   That if you do your part, serve him and follow him, you WILL be blessed.  I have a grateful heart.  I am so happy! Charity

April 9, 2013

Let's get real people

So it has been months since I have posted and I have no real excuse.  I was watching a lovely morning show this week and there was a quote that has been on my mind since.  Ana├»s Nin said, "We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect."  I love this.  There have been so many moments of the last 15 years (yes I am old) I have spent as a mother that I wish I could freeze time.  This quote made me realize it was semi possible.  So in the interest of freezing time, I have decided to write more and get real.  Get real as in say it like it is.  I am the Queen of sugar coating the blog with only the good stuff.  That is all you want to see right.  Well I decided to take my blog back and write it for me.  The good, the bad, the ugly, you will find it here peeps!
Lets start with some good, the bad and the ugly of the now infamous Wii. My wonderful In laws allowed Boston to come and work for them in their yard and in a form of payment bought a Wii for the Boston and the kids. Boston did the work and we all benefit.  He is a keeper.  I have never wanted a gaming system for the kids.  And luckily they aren't cheap so it was easy not to have one.  Well with Boston being 6 and hanging out with the Kindergarten crowd it became very apparent to him that he was lacking in gaming skills.  I heard for months how we needed Skylander (it's a game).  And all of the wonderful things that go along with it.  I was actually feeling sorry for the kid.  How could we as parents have the only kid in the universe not to have a gaming system.  Where we out casting our kid?  I seriously had these thoughts.  And of course when I asked Dean his opinion, he said I had a part in making Boston a non gaming weird kid.  So that's when the consideration for getting a gaming system came into our home. Seriously.   My awesome in laws heard Boston's dilemma and with us being the only ones in the family without a Wii came to his rescue.  They rock.  I really married into the best family. So here we are 4 days in to helping Boston not be weird and I am in HELL people.
What the HELL was I thinking.  I have spent 4 days breaking up Wii induced fights.  Whose turn it is, Lincoln grabbing everything he shouldn't be grabbing, Avery mad she cant make the giant fight something, Boston mad that Avery "sucks at this game, Mom".  If I hear Barbie World from Just Dance one more time I am going to scream.  I now know why parents put these things in a basement.  Thank heavens we are moving to a larger home in 6 weeks.  A basement is now a must.  So I can get away from the Wii and "I am a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world..." AHHHHHHH!!!!

December 29, 2012

Boston is 6

6 years old!  So crazy.  Boston is an awesome kid.  He is sweet, kind, and always helpful.  He is by far the best helper I have and will clean anything he is asked.  He gets lots of privileges because of it.  Avery will do anything to get out of cleaning up and so Boston always ends up doing it by himself.  So he gets to stay up later and gets to do more fun things.  Boston and Avery are still buddies but get on each others nerves too.  Not quite the love fest it used to be.  It makes me sad but alas is just a part of growing up. They love to one up each other about school.  Who learned more, who had more fun, who is smarter.  Drives me bonkers!
Boston is doing great in school.  He has a ton of friends, and is a great student.  He recently got an award from his teacher for being a great listener. When I asked him why he didn't always listen at home, he said that he uses all his listening skills at school and has none left when he gets home.  Silly kid!  Boston is a great big brother and always looks out for his siblings.  He and Brighton love to smack each other and play fight until one of them starts crying.  It is great.  Boston is still my best snuggler and will always give me loves.  I will be heart broken when that stops.
Here are a few of Boston's favorites:
Color: Blue
Food: Chicken nuggets
Candy/Treat: chocolate
Book: Dinosaur parts
Animal: Lion
 Movie: Jurassic Park
 Sport: Soccer
 Holiday: Christmas
 Special Talents: making set ups of his dinosaurs, cleaning, and being a great big brother.

December 28, 2012


Halloween was great this year! No pics of B cause she was too cool to hang out with us and didn't dress up.  Dean now works at CR England as a Driver manager and they did a great Halloween parade.  The kids loved it and got a TON of candy.  It was nice to have a school Halloween parade to go to.  Boston looked great as Captain America.  Avery was a princess as always and after much fighting to get a costume on Lincoln settled in PJ's that were Superman.

Johnson Family Olympics

The Johnson's always do the family Olympics over labor day and I think it is the kids most favorite way to end the summer.
It is a lot of silly games and fun competition.  Here are my fav pics for 2012's Olympics.
 Cookie from forehead to mouth
 Boston taking a shot at it
 Even Linc got in on the action
 Cotton ball throwing
 Running the race track Grandpa made
 Wheel barrow
 Running the track

 Avery isn't fast enough for B
 Pure JOY

 Award time

The Johnson Clan