October 23, 2013

Lincoln turned 3! (a month ago)

I am slacking! As usual.
My dreams of having a lovely up to date blog are just not going to be realized anytime soon.  Oh well.
Linc is 3!  My baby is 3.  We moved him from a toddler bed that he never slept in, to a regular twin bed.  Big news at our house.  We also figured out how to get him to sleep in it instead of with Mom and Dad every night. Yes he has been sleeping with us for 3 years.  Every night around 2-3 am he comes and gets in bed with us.  I have tried everything to get him to stop.  Well I thought I had tried it all until I found the one thing that worked. Taking away his most favorite thing in the entire world. The IPad.  Now every time he comes in our room in the middle of the night I just remind him that he will not be allowed to play on the IPad and the kid goes right back to bed.  Halleluiah! I may actually get to sleep all night!
Linc is a fun kid right now. He is silly, imaginative, and always making up stories about his adventures with his best buddy Cooper.  It is a lot of fun to here his stories.  He is still in Speech therapy and it is going really well. When he first started he was at 5% intelligibility and in 6 months he improved to 30%.  He is now in a preschool class and so far it has been good. I am learning right along with him how to help him and we have homework that we do everyday.  Makes for a busy mom having all 4 kids with homework but such is life right. 
Lincolns favorites right now are....
Color: Blue and Pink (he spends most of his time with Avery and boy does it show)
Food: Pizza. Linc is the king of pizza we are always amazed at how much he can consume at one sitting.  Recently in Yellowstone he ate an entire small pizza all by himself.  G& G Johnson still talk about his bottomless pit of a stomach.
Candy/Treat: Pizza. Linc doesn't like any candy, and he is not really into sweets. 
Book: Disney Planes
Animal: I am not sure but he is obsessed with asking me what every animal eats.  The other night he came into our room at 4 am and the first thing out of his mouth was "Mom, what do Zebras eat?"  I answered him and he went right back to bed. 
Movie: Sophia the First.  It is not a movie but he wants to watch that show everyday all day long
Sport: Soccer he can't wait to play like his "best friend" AKA Boston
 Holiday: His Birthday
 Special Talents: Dancing and singing. Linc is great at singing songs he regularly hears.  He is quite impressive in the car. He is also a great shopping buddy for me.  Every time we are getting ready to go somewhere he asks if Target is on our list of destinations.  If the answer is no he is sorely disappointed.
We love our Lincoln and are so blessed to have him as the caboose to this crazy train! 

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