June 19, 2013

Avery is 5!!

Avery Rae is 5! I cant believe she is only 5, seriously this girl acts, talks and dances like a teenager.
Avery had an awesome year in Preschool, and is very excited to be going to the "real" school with Boston.  Kindergarten. I cant even believe I will have 3 kids in school next year. We have gotten settled in our new place and Avery has already met every girl on the street we live on.  There are quite a few and she is thrilled.  Our last neighborhood was all boys, so it is fitting that this one is full of girls.  Avery is in heaven.  She is as girlie as they come and still loves her dresses.  I have been taking Brighton and Avery out on a few GNO's and Avery loves it.  She loves to talk about hair, nails, and all things girlie when we go.  She also loves to copy everything Brighton is doing or whatever food she is getting.  It is fun to see her look up to her sister.  Big news, Avery got her second haircut for her birthday.  She cut 5 inches off and her hair that was to her bum is now in the middle of her back. We love having our princess and it is fitting that all she wanted for her birthday was to go to the Princess Festival.  We leave in the morning and she is sleeping in curlers right now with her princess dress hanging in the doorway.  We cant wait!
Here are a few of Avery's favorites right now....
Color: PINK
Food: Chicken and Rice
Candy/Treat: Ice Cream, and snow cones
Book: Disney Princesses
Animal: Horse
Movie: Jem
Sport: Soccer
 Holiday: her Birthday
 Special Talents: Dancing and singing. Avery is great at making up songs to go with whatever she is doing.
We love our Avery and are so blessed to have her in our family!

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