December 16, 2013

Boston is 7!

Holy crap my kid is 7.  I am in shock.  As always.
I just took him his favorite lunch to school, a McD's Happy meal complete with Coke and fry sauce.
I am sure the healthy lunch police at school are plotting revenge, but who gives a crap!  It has been quite an adjustment having Boston in 1st grade.  Having him gone all day has been tough on the both of us.  He loves school and is doing really well.  But it takes a toll on him and he can be a little snippy ie tired when he gets home.  Bos is in the Spanish immersion program and is doing great.  I had to fight a little to get him in since he didn't take it in kindergarten.  But you would never know  he missed a year of Spanish. His Spanish teacher was shocked when I told her that was his first year.  He is one smart cookie.  He is in the highest reading level at school, and rocks all of his spelling tests. I am really proud of him. The only issue we have at school is he finishes his work quickly and then bugs his friends while they are still working.  We are working on that one.  Boston has finally chilled out on the girlfriends.  He tells me that the girls are still cute but girlfriends are not his thing anymore.  Skylanders are his most recent obsession.  He could collect the figures and play it all day long if his mean mom would just let him.  That is what he got for his Birthday Skylanders and a shiny new bike.  He is really excited to get a new bike.  His last one was a garage sale find and not really his style so picking out his own bike was a biggie for this kid.  I love Boston so much. He is still my best helper and cleaner.  He loves to play with his buddies and has a ton of really fun friends.  Boston loves church and is always eager to tell me what he learned in Primary.  He is very excited to be so close to getting baptized. 
Boston's favorites right now are....
Color: Blue
Food: Chicken nuggets.  Boston is still a pretty picky eater.  He never eats very much but I know he will always eat nuggets.
Candy/Treat: Kit Kats and Sour patch kids
Book: Dinosaur fact books.  He is a great reader and loves being able to read everything.
Animal: Dinosaurs forever!
Movie: He is really into Doctor Who with his Dad right now. 
Holiday: His Birthday, and Christmas
Special Talents: Playing Skylanders, helping Mom, cleaning, and playing Soccer

I love ya buddy!!!

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