July 25, 2014

Brighton is 16!

This post is a long time coming and it truly took me 6 months to write it. I am not sure why but B turning 16 really through me for a loop.  I looked at this blog weekly but couldn't bring myself to write her birthday post. So I guess I have decided that yes it has truly happened and she is 16 as of last January.  Brighton is fantastic, beautiful, smart, and wickedly funny.  B is still swimming and is at her first job right now as a lifeguard.  At the end of the High school swim season B was nominated by her peers as a captain of the team next year.  She really wanted it and in fact voted for herself.  Ha ha ha.  I laughed when she told me that one.  She also scored the highest point of any of the girls on her team.  As a sophomore that is a pretty big deal.  When the season was over B was exhausted and decided to quit her comp team.  I was a little relieved no more driving to and from practices, but worried for her times.  Oh well, this was her choice and I am supporting her.  It has been difficult letting go of the control I have had as the Mom and learning how to co-pilot with her from now until graduation.  Realizing my sweet girl only has 2 more years until she is graduated is really killing me.  I cant imagine her not living here.  I cant imagine not talking to her about everything and hearing all of the silly teen drama stories about who likes who and did she really just say that conversations.  Oh my.  Brighton is an awesome sister.  She stills helps out a lot at home and the kids love and torture her at the same time.  Lincoln is convinced that they are getting married and will be heart broken when he learns that he cant marry her.  Boston loves to torture B and see what he can get away with with her.  They fight like cats and dogs.  Pretty typical.  Avery loves her Girls nights with B and I.  We like to get snow cones and shop and get treats.  Brighton does a great job making her feel special and included.  Brighton just went on Trek, which is a 4 day event where the youth in our ward dress up like pioneers and pull hand carts for miles and miles.  She wasn't happy to go but when she returned she loved it.  I am so grateful for the many adults in our Stake that sacrificed their time to do this for the youth.  Brighton is also the Laurels President in our ward.  We are still getting used to the new area and the youth groups are small, but her leaders are fabulous.  We love B so much!  She is the shining star to our home and next January I am sure it will be easier to say she is 17. Right?!
Brighton's favorites right now are....
Color: Pink
Food: Sushi and Steak
Candy/Treat: Waffle's from the Waffle Love truck
Book: ?????
Movie: Les Mis.  I am pretty sure she watches it once a week
Holiday: Her Birthday
Special Talents: Making us laugh, teasing me, being kind, and cleaning!!

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